Are you feeling overwhelmed? At a crossroads in your career or personal life? Many of us can feel lost, indecisive, or unhappy at the least at any given point in our lives. And we could all use the right tools and support during these challenging times.

My name is Amanda Jayashree.  I am an Author, Certified Life Coach and Healer.  I began my own personal healing journey in 2009, and discovered various ancient modalities and tools, through my advisers, coaches, healers which led me through a vigorous process to invoke change in my life.

By having the extra support I was able to heal myself from past trauma and discover new coping strategies that can assist me for any future stress I may encounter in my life.

My Life Coaching business is designed to provide my clients with the necessary guidance and support from someone who understands how life can be challenging.  My sessions are tailored for my clients unique needs and I provide a safe space to discuss your individual path to progression.

Lyfestory Coaching is a private practice by appointment only.  You can visit Book a Life Coaching session to contact me for a free 15 minute phone consultation.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website.  

Much love,

Amanda Jayashree