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I originally began my writing career by sharing my blog articles with an intimate audience of family and friends.  At that time Blogging became a healthy addiction and I spent most of my days and nights consumed in creating a written collection of life experiences and documented my journey as I passed through many turbulent years of my life of self discovery.


One of the gravest hurdles was learning how to heal from my father's death and navigate through the rest of my life without feeling the pain and suffering I had felt at that time but tried enormously to conceal. 


Being able to express my thoughts in such a form that was received well by my audiences provisioned a path in which I travelled through very dark stages but with perseverance .


In the summer of 2017 my long awaited dream manifested into reality.  I compiled my soul searching blog articles into a book called "Path to Progression A Blogger's Journey." which was the name of my blog site at that time.

After publishing my book I continued to undergo many more emotional challenges in which I found myself stumbling, falling, and getting back up. 


I had realized  that although I had discovered some wonderful insight into making changes in my life, there was this knawing feeling I needed to dive even deeper to shift towards making better lifestyle choices and transform myself into who I really wanted to be. 


Trying to master perfection became an endless losing battle.  So instead I learned how to be gentle with myself, accept my past, present and future mistakes because they are part of my growth. 


I learned to love myself deeper and apply compassion each day allowing forgiveness to enter my heart.  If I feel angry or upset, I work harder again to repeat these antidotes through meditation, positive self talk and of course leveraging self development materials.


As I continue to re-enforce my learned lessons daily I have seen a tremendous shift in my spirit in terms of becoming more emotionally stable and feeling capable to handle life's challenges. 


With this powerful realization and ability my commitment to better myself and value myself has strengthened in a manner I have never felt in the past.


I strongly believe that I can relate to your challenges and offer you the support you need.


I would love to be part of your journey and help you discover the greatness surrounding you and within.


Much Love,

Amanda Jayashree