Path To Progression A Blogger's Journey

Many of us pass through life feeling alone, and are unaware there are tools available to help us heal. In the earlier part of my journey I was introduced to many modalities.  These newly discovered tools assisted me through my healing of grief, loss and depression.

My book provides the same purpose.  It contains useful articles to invoke thought and guide you through your self-development process.  Introduces ways to heal and gain a deeper perspective of the human psyche.  Each set of series is designed to lead you through a course of changes.  If applied to your daily life you will successfully convert your thoughts more consistently into positive ones and find ways to heal and cope through life's most stressful times.

I invite you to explore how Path to Progression A Blogger’s Journey can be come a part your self-healing and help to create long lasting changes.

Much love,

Amanda Jayashree

Path to Progression: A Bloggers Journey examines body, mind, and soul for today’s spiritual seekers who will find personal admissions we can all relate to, sound advice on coping with doubts and fears, and strength in learning how to live the greatest life we can in the face of everyday challenges. This popular collection of inspirational missives has sprouted from Amanda’s personal setbacks, which has proven anything but, since.


A very interesting and engaging read. The author leads us on an inspirational journey throughout the book using experiences that we all can relate to. Everyone can learn from the experiences shared by the author to improve our self awareness. A must have for every book lover's collection.

- Indu Arora