I offer appointments by phone and zoom meetings only. Prices are provided during consultations for ongoing sessions.  I do not offer packages, these are single sessions and are tailored to help my clients achieve success in an affordable manner.
15 min phone consultation (initial appointment) (free)
1 hour session (follow up) 
30 min session (check in's) 
Appointments are available Monday through Friday evenings and on Saturdays.  Please complete the form below and specify what timing works best for you and a brief description of what type of life coaching you are seeking.  
Please note that I am not authorized to provide diagnosis and/or suggest medical treatment.  In all cases you must contact your medical doctor for assistance in this area. Should I feel that you may benefit from other types of services I will discuss with you in your consulting appointment.
Stay safe and have a beautiful day.
Much love,
Amanda Jayashree

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